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International cooperation in the School of Caucasus Hospitality

The School of Caucasus Hospitality (SCH) of the Institute of Service, Tourism and Design (branch) of the NCFU in Pyatigorsk has begun the first stage of an international cooperation program with Kaplan Ugurlu, the doctor of science in the field of production management and marketing, the master of natural sciences in the field of the international hotel management of the University of Kirklareli (Turkey).

During this week, Kaplan Ugurlu will hold lectures, master classes for students of the bilingual programs and teachers of the SCH. On February 11, the first lectures and master classes in English were held on the topic "Particularities of development of the international hotel business." These classes allow students not only to gain new professional knowledge, but also practical skills of speaking English. Students enthusiastically listened to the teacher, had the opportunity to ask questions. There will be an interesting week, full of new knowledge and vivid emotions.


The School of Caucasus Hospitality